DOI: 10.22184/2227-572X.2020.10.6.470.488

In order to search for new effective extractants for f-elements, a comparative study of a number of 1,4 diphosphoryl compounds, including 2-((diphenylphosphoryl)methoxyphenyl) diphenylphosphine oxide 1 and its analogues 5–7, in which the group the phosphine oxide type is replaced by phosphonic fragments. Quantum-­chemical modeling of the structures of phosphoryl podands 1 and 5–7 was performed, which were subsequently confirmed by the data of X-ray structural analysis. The features of the extraction of nitric acid, as well as U(VI), Th(IV), Nd(III), and Ho(III), from nitric acid media into 1,2 dichloroethane were studied. The composition of the extracted complexes has been determined.


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