DOI: 10.22184/2227-572X.2020.10.5.378.385

The compositions of tin alloys for use in technical Nb3Sn superconductors have been determined. The structure and mechanical properties of tin alloys of three compositions were investigated: Sn – 0.8 wt.% Cu; Sn – 0.8 wt.% Cu – 0.5 wt.% Zn; Sn – 0.5 wt.% Al. It is shown that the tensile strength and microhardness of the alloys are higher compared to pure tin. Investigations of the microstructure of tin alloys in the composition of composite subelements have been carried out. The Sn alloy selected on the basis of the analysis of the results of this work is 0.8 wt.%Cu was successfully used in the fabrication of an Nb3Sn superconductor under the conditions of the AO ChMP using the internal tin source method. As a result, a superconductor with a diameter of 1 mm was obtained, consisting of 120 subelements.


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