The possibility of using cluster analysis to assess the structural and functional organization of a biological object is analyzed. For a quantitative description of cellular processes, filtering (trabecular) eye tissue was selected for unstabilized primary openangle glaucoma (POAG) in patients using the maximum possible hypotensive therapy. By chemical microanalysis based on a scanning electron microscope (SEM), data were obtained on the distribution of chemical elements in tissue. Based on the global Moran index, which describes the degree of spatial grouping of sulfur (IS) and phosphorus (IP) on the surface of the analyzed tissue block, an index of target metabolic activity loss (IL) characterizing cellular processes is proposed. A connection was established between IL and the visually observed difference in the organization of structural elements of trabecular tissue in POAG. A correlation was observed between the structural and functional status of trabecular tissue according to the IL index and intraocular pressure (IOP) on the maximum hypotensive therapy.


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