In 2016 SIMEX Company launched serial production of several new adapters to FT-801 Fourier-spectrometer allowing considerable expansion of infrared Fourier-spectrometry method functionality at low cost investments. This article describes characteristics, features and application of these adapters. Sampling adapter called PRIZ is an inexpensive spectral small-sized microscope for examination of thin or powder type samples on a mirror panel surface. The second adapter is a liquid cell with adjustable liquid layer thickness and option for monitoring transmission spectrum online; this adapter can perform quantitative measurements after calibration with ZaIR 3.5 software. The third adapter with cooled Micro System Technology (MST) detector improves the instrument sensitivity when using fiber-optic probes in registering emission spectrum from low power radiators, route gas analysis with high spectral resolution, detecting impurities in ultra-low concentrations etc. The fourth adapter is an ATR diamond thermal cell with temperature control that boosts the method sensitivity for many sample types by several times.


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