In Russia, laboratory information management systems (LIMS) have been used in laboratories in various industries for more than 20 years. LIMS software is not only a means of automating laboratory activities, but also an important tool for managing its data. Having a LIMS helps the laboratory cope with a large number of documents and simplifies preparation for accreditation. The fundamental regulatory document in the laboratory today is GOST 17025-2019. General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. GOST specifies the requirements for managing data and information contained in computerized systems (including LIMS). But there are no clear instructions on how laboratories should document/prepare for accreditation, if it has a functioning LIMS. The article discusses the requirements of GOST 17025, including the requirements for LIMS validation, as well as documentary evidence of the presence and use of LIMS in the laboratory.


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